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Ik zie ik zie wat jij ook ziet

Marlou Beentjes

31 October - 29 November

A spatial experience of optical illusions. In this installation graphic design, colored lights, music and fashion work together while changing the whole time. It shows you different perspectives at once.

When you see an optical illusion, your brains interprets it different than reality is. Optical illusions give more perspectives at one image. This is what I’m trying to recreate with my design. In the installation from Marlou Beentjes you can experience different perspectives and optical illusions in 3D.  The pattern changes in front of your own eyes, every time you look there’s a new optical illusion showing, it has a psychedelic feeling.

“It intrigues me that people are still stuck in their own perspective. If we just could step in other people’s feet we would understand so much more.” The work of Marlou Beentjes has a socially critical undertone. Man actually understands so little of the others around him. Insight into other perspectives would broaden everyone’s view. A better world starts in EXbunker.


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