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This new technology

Daniel de Bruin

31 mei 2014 - 29 juni 2014

More and more products are being fashioned by means of automated processes. not only are these processes more efficient and therefore cheaper, they also ensure that every item meets the same criteria and does not deviate from the norm. However deviations are usually the most interesting. As with humankind and the rest of nature, true beauty lies in its diversity.
I have always had a fascination for production processes but also for natural phenomena. I want to stay true to both these fascinations and so try to find a balance between control and chance in most of my products.

Daniel de bruin zal voor de expositie een geheel nieuw werk maken onder de titel: THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY




Expositie / Exhibition Daniel de Bruin in EXbunker tentoonstelling ruimte / art space Utrecht.


  1. Exbunker 17/06/16 om 09:30

    In 2015 ging de Bruin ook naar San Francisco om te exposeren tijdens Hands Off en in 2016 was hij weer in de VS te bewonderen, ditmaal in New York tijdens het Wanted Design Ventura.

  2. Exbunker 17/06/15 om 09:29

    Daniël de Bruin is na exposities in Utrecht met zijn kunst naar het buitenland gegaan. In 2015 stond hij op de beroemde designbeurs Salone del Mobile in Milaan.

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