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foxhole alfresco

Sandra Heemskerk

1 december 2018 - 30 december 2018

In her exhibition ‘foxhole alfresco’ Sandra Heemskerk tries to reveal various structures and systems that make up a personal identity. “At some points in our lives we start to wonder: how did I end up here? By returning, filling the gaps and adding fabrications, we build a story around our existence”, Heemskerk explains. With her work she attempts to become friends with me, EXbunker. By telling her stories on my walls, hoping that I entrust her with some of my memories. The exhibition ‘foxhole alfresco’ displays wall paintings and new spatial work.
In 2018 Sandra Heemskerk graduated from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. Working from an interest in religion, depression, delusions and a love for the way in which we surround ourselves with stories, objects and habits that make up our personalities. In her working process she easily jumps from the profound to the collective, from truth to fabrication and from naivety to the bigger picture. By handling subjects this way, her works become playful and serious at the same time.

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