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Laden Evenementen
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Johanna Talja

5 October 2019 - 27 October 2019

Step inside my walls to see a park inside the Wilhelmina park, but it’s no regular park. It’s a park, constructed by artist Johanna Talja, where elements of a digital nature become a part of real life, personified and up to some sort of strange activities. Do you accept the cookies?

Johanna Talja is a Finnish multi-media and performance artist who’s work revolves around an exploration of cinematic and performative media and relations between the on-stage and behind the stage. In her work Talja approaches topics and ideas with humour and seeks to find a balance between the absurd and the rational, fake and real by combining the handmade and tactile sculptural elements with digital, artificial effects and references. Her aim is to disrupt the mundane, expose the insanity of the everyday as well as reveal the insanity in regularity.

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