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What I’ll have

  • Bas Burghard

    Bas Burghard

    5 January - 27 January

    How would electronic music have manifested itself in prehistoric times? This thought experiment had been Bas Burghard’s inspiration when creating his installations, in which natural phenomena an...

  • Sextet

    Hadas Lieber

    2 February - 24 February

    A group of six sculptures are floating in the space. They are hollow casings, made of cloth and wax, as cast off skin. They contain the time that formed them. Alternating the arrangement between the s...

  • The Last Goodgirl

    Daantje Bons

    2 March - 31 March

    She is on display between my walls because it’s a rare example, the last remaining good girl. A young woman who has not cheapen her sexuality yet. She has self-respect, is obedient and she is everyt...