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What I’ll have

  • Apse

    Felipe van Laar

    6 March - 29 March

    People are searching for form, focus, comfort and reflection. That what we want to believe, we make tactile by giving it a physical form. This is also what architecture does: it shows sacrality. An a...

  • Ik zie ik zie wat jij ook ziet

    Marlou Beentjes

    4 April - 26 April

    A spatial experience of optical illusions. In this installation graphic design, colored lights, music and fashion work together while changing the whole time. It shows you different perspectives at on...

  • same old song, same old dance

    Anouk de Kruijff

    2 May - 31 May

    In ‘same old song, same old dance’ something is continuously in motion (especially during opening times). Feel free to peek and peep inside, as long as you’d wish for, as long as it last...