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What I’ll have

  • as a man i hate flowers

    Ischa Kempka

    2 November - 24 November

    In ‘as a man i hate flowers’ Ischa Kempka reflects on today’s society and the way in which people present theirselves on the internet. Texts she reads online are a starting point to make (ce...

  • Soelaas

    Anna Reerds

    30 November - 29 December

    In her work, Anna Reerds celebrates man’s craziness, ignorance, and sadness. By combining photography, scale models, film, animation and illustration, she plays with reality and thus creates a w...

  • Mechanical massage chair

    Ed Schulte

    4 January 2020 - 26 January 2020

    What would it be like to be able to give yourself a massage, accompanied by heavenly sounds? In Edwin Schulte’s mechanical massage chair, the visitor himself composes his own sounds of concrete...