I am open on sat-sun 1pm – 6pm and 2/3/4th fri 12pm - 5pm.

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What I’ll have

  • Mechanical massage chair

    Ed Schulte

    4 January - 26 January

    What would it be like to be able to give yourself a massage, accompanied by heavenly sounds? In Edwin Schulte’s mechanical massage chair, the visitor himself composes his own sounds of concrete...

  • Amplitude

    wild ei

    1 February - 23 February

    wild ei (HKU, 2019) observes the world around her as a metaphysical naturalist – looking for macro processes in her environment that explain complex processes in the universe. Her work is an ong...

  • Apse

    Felipe van Laar

    29 February - 29 March

    People are searching for form, focus, comfort and reflection. That what we want to believe, we make tactile by giving it a physical form. This is also what architecture does: it shows sacrality. An a...