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(NL) Cosmic Topology

Studio Tweemaal

6 July 2019 - 28 July 2019

Do you ever wonder how far reality reaches? Reality can be experienced in various different ways and is constructed through our own perception. As the saying goes, ‘seeing is believing’. But do we truly have to believe all that we see?

Within mij thick walls, Amber and Tamira, together Studio Tweemaal, will walk you through their representation of reality shaped in a video-installation. They will reveal parts of their project ‘Cosmic Topology’, a research in the relatino between physical reality and photographic registration. Constructed landscapes and stones, compiled of video footage of the NASA scientific archives, that will balance on the thin line between reality and illusion.

A photo not as a final result, but as a starting point for creating a new dimension in perception.
Artists duo Amber ter Haar and Tamira Boogaard, joining forces under the name Studio Tweemaal,
research the relation between the photographic image and reality. In search for the limits of the
photographic medium, their multidisciplinary work revolves around the field of tension between
reality, perception and the photographic representation.


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