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Laden Evenementen
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wild ei

1 February - 1 March

wild ei (HKU, 2019) observes the world around her as a metaphysical naturalist – looking for macro processes in her environment that explain complex processes in the universe. Her work is an ongoing research into how the universe originated and the binding element of life. Instead of explaining this, she presents fragments in the form of video- and audio-installations that show the poetic and magical perceptions thereof.

“Amplitude” is a composition of such fragments in search of the cosmic pulse: an audio installation lets us hear the pulsating sound of a chicken fetus within the egg through the needle of a record player. An old analogue shows the echo of the big bang, the birth of this universe, which is still present in everything around us. A careful encounter between two bumblebees is an essential element for “life”: one is dead, the other is dying.


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