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Laden Evenementen

same old song, same old dance

Anouk de Kruijff

5 December - 27 December

In ‘same old song, same old dance’ something is continuously in motion (especially during opening times). Feel free to peek and peep inside, as long as you’d wish for, as long as it lasts.*

Anouk de Kruijff is a multimedia-, installation- and performance artist. In her work, she explores the various roles and behaviors of her audience and herself. She brings a humorous ode to recognizabilities and awkwardness in “being”. She centralizes our comings and goings. Aren’t our everyday just an neverending repetition?

In her installation, light, sound, video, object and performance come together unregulated, entirely accordant to the script. On the occasion of this exhibition in EXbunker, Anouk will make her debut as a performer in her own work. Promised to become a spectacle!


*Anyone who will manage to see the entire performance will receive a water ice cream as a reward.





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