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Laden Evenementen
This exhibition has passed.

The Last Goodgirl

Daantje Bons

2 March 2019 - 31 March 2019

She is on display between my walls because it’s a rare example, the last remaining good girl. A young woman who has not cheapen her sexuality yet. She has self-respect, is obedient and she is everything but provocative. She does not ask for it. She does not have to be censored because her intentions are never vulgar. Safely protected in a bunker so the outside world cannot mess with her purity. That’s how we prefer te see her.

The playful subversiveness and pleasing aesthetics of Daantje Bons’ fine art photography draw the eye, but the inherent contradictions make these images resonate and linger in the mind. Their conceptual strength are no doubt a result of her extensive technical training, first at the SISA art academy in Antwerp and later at the prestigious AKV-St Joost art academy in Breda. Her work is contemporary feminist, in the sense that she reimagines femininity on her own terms, with humor and a sense of provocation.

Her work is prominently featured in holland’s largest newspapers De Volkskrant and NRC Handelsblad. internationally, her work has been published in outlets such as “The Huffington Post”, “IGNANT”, “I-D Magazine”, VOGUE Italia, Kurier, FRAME Magazine and “Refinery29”.


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